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BIO: Prof. Hafner got his B.S. in Physics from Trinity University in 1993.  He earned his Ph.D. from Rice University in 1998 under Richard Smalley for work on carbon nanotubes, and pursued postdoctoral studies at Harvard University with Charles Lieber. He returned to Rice in 2001 to join the faculty where his lab studies nanophotonics and interfacial biology. Hafner was named a Beckman Young Investigator in 2002, and won the Norman Hackerman Award for Chemical Research from the Welch Foundation in 2011. He is currently a Professor of Physics and Astronomy and of Chemistry. Hafner is a Member of Scientia at Rice and the Magister of Jones College. He has taught freshman and sophomore physics for the past twelve years and was a founding member of Rice’s Center for Teaching Excellence. He is on a quest to find a lecture demonstration that will get him fired.

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  1.   Emily Baker Says:

    Dear Dr. Hafner,
    My name is Emily and I am a sophomore in highschool in Fort Worth. I received an email about the online Physics 1 class you are apart of and wanted to get a jump start on physics for junior year. Will the online require me to take tests along with assignments at your own pace, or is it like a traditional class? Thank you, Emily Baker

    •   Jason Hafner Says:

      Hi Emily,

      The online class is in three parts (with a fourth review part). We are in part 1 now. For each part we release all of the content at once, then have homework assignments due each week, then take a test at the end. Part 1 will end in late December, and the test will be out and available to take at your own pace for two weeks (no time limit).

      The point of the class is really to help students prepare for the AP exam, so we are quite flexible on how you (or your teacher) use it.

      I think it would be useful for getting ahead. If you register for each part, it will remain on your edX dashboard permanently. So, even if you don’t complete the assignments as you go, you will have access to the material and questions all summer.

      Good luck!


  2.   Kevin Guan Says:

    Hello Professor Hafner,

    I took your course on Waves and Optics in Edx.org. I must say that you are a brilliant lecture! I love your clear demonstrations of physical concepts and your derivations on all the equations. You are very articulate and knowledgeable about physics. I must say that you are even better than my college professors. I learned more from your lectures than I did from them! Thank you so much for everything! I hope your research goes well! Please continue to make courses on Edx on anything in physics! This includes your research too. You have made me love physics, even though I was a biology major! Thank you so much! Please take care.

    •   Jason Hafner Says:

      Aw shucks, thanks! I’m making 101x Mechanics right now, and then I’ll probably be finished making them. But I hope to keep the classes I have made running for as long as I can.

  3.   Sam Prokopchuk Says:

    Hey Professor Hafner,

    I just wanted to say a quick thank you for doing such a fantastic job on the ap physics 1 course on edx. Without you’re clear, instructive, and entertaining teaching style, I don’t know if I could have gotten a 5.
    I will definitely be seeking to take another of your courses on edx in a few months 🙂

  4.   Shashank Says:

    Hello professor Hafner,
    I am a student of applied math from the Netherlands, I loved ur lecture series on Electromagnetism and Optics, especially the conceptual breath u cover. Ur lectures have directly been responsible for me to pass and score well on my university courses on Electromagnetism 1 and Optics. Therefore a wholehearted THANK YOU Professor for publishing them. Thanks a lot.

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