December 2016

Steven Demers, graduate student








Hannah Hughes, graduate student

Aobo Zhang, graduate student

Mathieu Simeral, graduate student

Lee Hsieh, undergraduate student

Louis Cole, undergraduate student








Takuma Makihara, undergraduate student

Former Graduate Students

  • Amber Johnson, MS 2003
  • Hongwei Liao, PhD 2006, Financial Engineer, Fannie Mae
  • Colleen Nehl, PhD 2007, Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Yi Yang, PhD 2009, Processing Geophysicist, Shell
  • Nissanka Wickremasinghe, PhD 2010, Project Coordinator, Institute for Molecular Medicine, Finland
  • Katie Mayer, PhD 2010, Assistant Professor, U. Texas San Antonio
  • Seunghyun Lee, PhD 2011, Assistant Professor, University of Suwon
  • Betty Rostro, PhD 2011
  • Lindsey Anderson, PhD 2014, Data Scientist, HireVue
  • Courtney Payne, PhD 2015, Chemical Engineer, Schlumberger
  • James Matthews, PhD 2017, Software Engineer, Schlumberger

Former Undergraduate Students

  • Monica Mason (Rice Physics & Astronomy).
  • Kathryn Mayer (Rice Physics & Astronomy), see above.
  • Amneet Gulati (Rice Chemistry), PhD 2013 MIT, now R&D Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific.
  • Peter Scully (Rice Physics & Astronomy), now MD/PhD student at Baylor College of Medicine.
  • Amaris Fuentes (Rice Biochemistry & Cell Biology), PharmD 2013 U. Houston, now Clin. Pharm. Spec. at Methodist.
  • Courtney Payne (Rice Physics & Astronomy), see above.
  • Robbie Fraleigh (Rice Physics & Astronomy), current grad student at Penn State Physics.
  • Adrian Delgado (UT Pan Am Physics).
  • Daniel Saenz (Rice Physics & Astronomy), PhD 2014 Wisconsin, now Asst. Prof. at UTHSC San Antonio.
  • Josue Lopez (Rice Physics & Astronomy), current grad student at MIT ECE.
  • Martin Bell (Rice Physics & Astronomy), current grad student at Rice ECE.
  • Erin Dahlstrom (Rice Physics & Astronomy), PhD 2018 Harvard.
  • Michael Reynolds (REU), current grad student at Cornell Applied Physics.
  • Cyna Shirazinejad (Rice Physics & Astronomy), current grad student at Berkeley.  LinkedIn
  • Grace Isakson (Rice Physics & Astronomy)

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