PHYS 101 Mechanics and 102 E&M – I taught these Rice intro courses for 7 years, and turned them into free courses on edX with full lectures, homework, and exams.  See the links on the right side of the page for access.  Feel free to use them as supplementary material for your course or to flip your classroom!

PHYS 201 Waves & Optics – This is a sophomore physics course at Rice that I have taught in the past.  I’m leaving the problem set and lecture notes here in case anyone finds them useful. The powerpoint presentations are fully animated and can be used as an electronic blackboard.  The “b” version of each presentation has the animations removed.  I used the “b” version on a second projector.  Enjoy!

  • Simple Harmonic Motion  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Real Oscillations  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Superposition  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Damped SHM  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Driven SHM  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Coupled SHM  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Continua  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]  [music]
  • Continua Continued  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Fourier Analysis  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Wave Motion  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Dispersion  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Reflection  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • EM Field  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • EM Wave Equation  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • EM Waves  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Light  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Polarization  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Light in a Dielectric I  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Light in a Dielectric II  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Light on a Dielectric I  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Light on a Dielectric II  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Light on a Dielectric III  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Polarizers  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Circular Polarizers  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Huygens and Fresnel Principles  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Plane Wave Interference  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Young’s Double Slit  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Thin Film Interference  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Multiple Beam Interference  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Fraunhofer Diffraction  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Aperture Diffraction  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Double Slit Diffraction  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Multislit Diffraction  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Diffraction and Image Formation  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]
  • Scattering  [pdf]  [ppt]  [ppt-b]

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  1.   Al Walters Says:

    Good Afternoon,
    I am “flipping” my online algebra-based EM Physics course this summer and I am thankful that you are allowing use of your videos. I actually “took” this course for fun back in 2017 on edx and enjoyed your presentation.

    •   Jason Hafner Says:

      Great! They are calc-based as you know, but I’m sure you can pick and choose to avoid any issues. Good luck with the summer! -Jason

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